KOKORO NATURAL DRY-EZ RELIEF Trio Moisturizing Skincare Set
KOKORO NATURAL DRY-EZ RELIEF Trio Moisturizing Skincare Set
KOKORO NATURAL DRY-EZ RELIEF Trio Moisturizing Skincare Set
KOKORO NATURAL DRY-EZ RELIEF Trio Moisturizing Skincare Set
KOKORO NATURAL DRY-EZ RELIEF Trio Moisturizing Skincare Set
KOKORO NATURAL DRY-EZ RELIEF Trio Moisturizing Skincare Set
KOKORO NATURAL DRY-EZ RELIEF Trio Moisturizing Skincare Set


KOKORO NATURAL DRY-EZ RELIEF Trio Moisturizing Skincare Set

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DRY-EZ RELIEF is a range of natural soothing skincare solution from KOKORO NATURAL that has been specifically created to calm, soothe, protect and moisturise dry, irritated skin while promotes skin recovery and strengthens skin protective barrier. It may be used to manage and treat sensitive skin inside out in the most natural way. 

Nourish  + Moisture 

For  Dry, Mature, Sensitive Skin, Dull Tone, Scars

FACE & BODY OIL designed to nourish and hydrate skin needing a bit of extra tender loving care by giving dry skin a powerful shield to lock in moisture and restore softness, comfort and radiance of the skin. Use this oil to improve the appearance of fine lines, smooth scars, soften rough skin and support skin repair after flare-ups.

A dynamic blend of natural nourishing botanical oils of Calendula, Grape seed, Rosehip and Jojoba, which will be absorbed quickly into the skin but not lose any moisturising efficacy, nourishes and repairs to promote a healthy glowing skin naturally.

It is also suitable to be used for:

  • Calm and revitalise, improve dull skin
  • Promotes natural regeneration of the skin, encouraging healing
  • Protects and strengthen skin barrier 
  • Soothes sunburns
  • Reduce itchiness caused skin dryness 
  • Prevents excessive water loss in skin
Plant with Purposes:
  • Calendula :  Excellent calming and soothing agent. Anti-irritant properties.
  • Avocado: Nourishes, hydrates, protects skin and relieve inflammation 
  • Rosehip & Wheat germ: Aids in skin regeneration and repairs damaged skin.
  • Grape seed: Moisturize to dull and dehydrated skin. Improve your skin's elasticity and softness.
  • Jojoba Oil: Repair weakened skin barrier
  • Sunflower Seed Oil: Contains stearic acids which are great for toning and tightening the skin. Great for sensitive skin and very hydrating. Full of Vitamins A, B, D and E, minerals, and has beneficial amounts of lecithin and unsaturated fatty acids, it is a wonderful skin softener and conditioner.
  • Bisabolo (Active component of German Chamomile): It is proven to be anti-inflamatory and soothing eczema and skin rashes. Its anti-oxidant properties that can help reduce the signs of aging.

For face, apply after your toner/ serum/ moisturiser, face oil will be the last step. Warm 3-5 drops of oil between your palms and gently pat over the face and neck. For body, apply 5-7 drops to targeted skin areas as a form of body moisturiser. 

KKM Registered: NOT221101447K

Repair + Restore
For Dry, Irritated Skin, Problematic Skin

ROLL-ON REMEDY, a premium therapeutic oil formulated helps calming and moisturising skin dryness and irritation, gently rejuvenate and restore sensitive skin. 

The Roll-On Remedy is formulated using essential ingredients for calming inflammation and redness that packed with the following skincare properties: skin barrier strengthening (Sea Buckthorn), soothing and calming properties (Calendula), hydrating of dry skin (Moringa),  protecting sensitive skin (Evening Primrose), and promoting skin regeneration, wound healing and providing anti-oxidants while boosting the skin to a healthy glow (Tamanu).

DRY-EZ RELIEF Roll-On Remedy, ideally used when for carrying in your bag and convenient to take on the go, as dryness, itchiness and irritation often appear during the day. The Roll-On Remedy allows you to quickly treat your problem areas at any time of the day.

The Active Ingredients:
  • Calendula Oil: Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that are able to calm and soothe redness, itchiness & irritation.
  • Moringa Oil:  Rich in many nutrients that help nourish the skin such as Vitamin A, C, and E. Its powerful anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory &  anti-microbial properties help boost skin healing & cell regeneration.
  • Tamanu Oil: Its highly anti-bacterial and wound healing  properties so is beneficial for acne, acne rosacea, acne scarring. It also contains anti-oxidants and deeply moisturizing effect makes is useful dry irritated, mature skin, sun damaged skin. Anti-inflammatory properties seen it to be beneficial for eczema and psoriasis.
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil: Contains high concentration of carotenoids and rich in omega 3, 6, 7, 9 fatty acids, and Vitamin C, A, E, which are all for nourishing the skin and repairing skin’s natural barrier, and generally keep your skin luminous, healthy and completely hydrated.
  • Evening Primrose: due to its gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), helps reduce inflammation and strengthen the skin epidermis, and thus prevents excessive water loss and drying of skin.
  • Bisabolo (Active component of German Chamomile): It is proven to be anti-inflamatory and soothing eczema and skin rashes. Its anti-oxidant properties that can help reduce the signs of aging.
Roll-On Remedy is blended with five incredible essential oils for soothing your skin that is packed with following skincare preperties:
  1. Soothing and balacing skin, antimicrobial (Rose Geranium)
  2. Anti-inflammatory properties that helps with reducing skin irritation and redness (Patchouli)
  3. Promotes cellular regeneration and rejuvenating healthier looking skin (Frankincense)
  4. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic (Rosemary)
  5. Moisturising to the skin and promotes wound healing (Lavender)
ROLL-ON REMEDY has a vivid yellow orange colour with superb anti-oxidant properties (due to contained sea buckthorn oil). Rest assured, though, it will not stain your skin if you use it as part of your skincare routine! It will, however, give your skin a yellow orange tinge while you have it on. Gentle massage it until absorbed into the skin and it will also give your skin a nice circulation boost.

Using small circular strokes in an upward, outward motion massage gently until most of the oil has been absorbed. The gentle massage will also give your skin a nice circulation boost.

For facial care, roll it on cleaned hand palm with 3 to 5 circular strokes and warm up between your palm and gently pat into the skin after face freshly cleansed when the face is still damp and wet after serum or moisturizer, it helps to facilitate the absorption of this DRY-EZ RELIF ROLL-ON REMEDY.  DO NOT roll on face directly!!  Suggested to obtain 2 bottles for 2 different part skincare routine.

KKM Registered: NOT221004301K

Soothe + Hydrate + Protect

For Dry, Flaky Skin, Dry Skin Patches, Troubled Skin or Eczema Prone Skin

SKIN SALVE, a multi-purpose natural moisturising skin salve created as an intensive emollient for sensitive, dry and flaky skin. Its gentle formulation reduces the risk of dryness, irritation, and nourishes dry and depleted skin with essential nutrients.

Perfect for everyday use, especially on dry, flaky skin, dry patches, commonly affecting the hands and feet, elbows and knees, or body. It is designed to replenish dry skin, leaving it feeling soothed, nourished and revitalised.
  • Deeply moisturizes and hydrates the body
  • Improve the appearance of dry, scaly, and rough skin
  • Promote healthy skin barriers
  • Promote the skin’s natural ability to heal
  • Gentle protects sensitive skin
  • Skin feels softer and more smoother
Multiple uses include: 
  • Body balm / mosituriser
  • Hand and cuticle moisturiser 
  • Massage balm 
  • Treatment for dry, rough skin, and eczema prone skin
  • Soothing relief from minor sunburn or irritated skin.
Properties of the ingredients: 
  • Kukui Nut: Revitalising and restoring dry and damaged skin 
  • Rice Bran: Deep Moisturising and provides protection to sensitive skin  
  • Tamanu: Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial  and wound healing properties  
  • Rosehip: Skin renewal and replenishment for radiant healthy-looking skin
  • Sesame Oil: Helps to protect skin cells from the damage caused by environmental
  • Jojoba Oil: Repair weakened skin barrier
  • Lavender, Rosemary, Tea Tree essential oil : Deeply purifies and soothes the skin
Tamanu oil is an all natural skin ingredient and it has an earthy scent to match. High-quality Tamanu oil has  (1) a strong, woody scent  (2) a deep green colour, the most important thing to remember if you are looking for a superior tamanu oil that could deliver skincare benefits.  Our Tamanu Oil is organic certified.

KKM Registered: NOT220906022K

Suggested sequence to use:
  • Step (1) Gentle wash or shower with DRY-EZ RELIF Soothing Cleanser
  • Step (2) Apply Face & Body Oil over the whole skin areas
  • Step (3)  Skin Salve to targeted dry, flaky skin, dry skin patches areas.
  • And /or apply Roll-On Remedy (spot treatment oil) to targeted skin areas for deep repair.

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